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How To Save a Knocked Out Tooth

The rugby season is well underway, so it's a good time to talk about what you should do if you, or your child, has a tooth knocked out on the pitch. Us dental folk refer to it as an 'avulsed' tooth - when a tooth is knocked out entirely and the crown and root are intact. It's easy to panic if you see blood and feel a gap, but there are steps that can be taken to save your gnasher. 1) Pick it up by the crown (the lighter-coloured part that is usually visible in your mouth).  Don't touch the root. 2) If it is visibly dirty rinse it very quickly under running water for just a few seconds. 3) Now do this part GENTLY.... try and push the tooth back into it's socket. (Yes, we know it sounds gross, sorry!) 4) If you are unable to get the tooth back into its socket either put it in a glass of milk, or store it in your mouth, inside your cheek. Like a boiled sweet.  Just don't swallow it! 5) Call your dentist and make your way straight to the pract